Bottle Service… That shit is expensive, so if you’re going to pay for it, the least you’d expect is to have a proper service provided.

Don’t get me wrong, bottle service has its perks:

– you skip the line-up

– you get your own private space

– you don’t have to wait forever to get a drink at the bar etc.

For those who get bottles in clubs, I am sure you’ve had fun nights. Regardless if you spend $250 or $2000, you have one thing in common: you can probably recall at least one night that was ruined because something went wrong when the bill came.

How is the bill so expensive? What do you mean I didn’t count taxes and tip?”

“Where did everyone go? It’s 2am, I’m drunk and suddenly I need to run after everyone so that they pay their portion of the bill.”

All of these problems can easily be solved with a little bit of organization.


Imagine if you could organize your night out in advance.

What if you could check the bottle prices and different services available at a venue before you even step foot in it?

What if you could select your bottles and see how much your total bill is, instead of being surprised by taxes and tips?

What if you could just select your friends and split the total bill between everyone?

What if you could pre-pay in advance and not have to worry about anything but having fun during your night out?

Well dear readers, no need to imagine anymore. This solution already exists, and it’s called BottleBond.


Learn more about the BottleBond App and how it simplifies your nights out.

Going out has never been so easy.


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