BottleBond is a social nightlife app built upon a very bold assumption: Booking and sharing a bottle service in a high end club shouldn’t take more than two minutes. The second assumption, which sounds as audacious as the first one: Every clubber should be rewarded for going out. (Hint: Get money back!)

The founders are two graduates from JMSB who have been living together for more than 3 years now. And that means a lot of nights out.

“We used to go out at least twice a week but every time it was such a hassle to get a hold of everyone and make sure everybody pitches in”, says Mekki who also works as a DJ during the week-ends.

“Everytime we went out, we saw people get their phones out to do the math. We hated that scene. We wanted everything to be done smoothly, and that the only focus should be to have fun”, adds David, a Parisian international graduate who seems to have slowly converted to the Montreal vibe.

Mekki and David came up with the idea a year ago, while chilling on their couch.

“We both graduated and we were thinking about starting a business. We didn’t know what to do, but the nightlife was something we were both interested in”, says David

The following week, we were organizing a night out with some friends through a Whatsapp group, and then just like in the movies, we both had the same realization: What if we had an app that would just connect everybody, book the service, split the tab and just process the payment right there and then?

We couldn’t stop thinking about it. We told everyone that night. Our friends loved it and they started suggesting ideas to improve the service.

“What if we could have a news feed with all the events happening around the city?”, said James between two shots of vodka.

The more alcohol flowed, the crazier the ideas. “What would be awesome is to get rewards back … You know, just like credit cards”, said another one

Why not ..

“We spent few months just gathering everybody’s ideas and adjusting our product. We wanted the app to speak to the people. We wanted to bring something that would add tremendous value, because we might love what we do, but as humans we are always biased … we wanted our users to love it. We wanted them to talk about it as if they were part of building it, because they were”, says Mekki in what sounded like a Steve Jobs speech

BottleBond has now partnered with more than 12 clubs around the city and the list keeps growing.

“We have around 3700 users as of this morning *insert proud smile* , and we have processed about 150 reservations … I tend to be a perfectionist, I wanted everything to be smooth since day one, but just like everything else, you get good with practice .. At the beginning, it was just us, or our friends that we kind of forced to *insert awkward smile* and then we did frosh and a lot of students started using it, then the word came out … Our ambition is to have every single person try going out with us at least once in the next 12 months.

“We want to bring value not only to our users, but also to our partner clubs … The client’s experience is on top of the eco-system and by improving it, we will change the industry. We will make it better for everyone, and we can confidently assume that a lot of people will join”

“We, at BottleBond, always try to stay ahead of the herd. We don’t think;  what would make the nightlife experience more awesome today, but rather what would make it more awesome 5-10 years from now. We think in the future and we always try to bring it to our users first”

David explains that the app’s ambition is to serve more than just a tool, but rather a complete experience, the BottleBondExperience or BBX as it is already referred to in the office: The team behind it promises to make organizing a night-out as easy as ordering an uber, to provide a place where party people have access to the best events and venues, a place where they can store memories and share it with their friends, and on top of if all, be rewarded for every single night out.


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