About BottleBond

How can I use it?

  • Create your BottleBond profile: your nightlife business card.
  • Reserve your  bottle service at our partner clubs.
  • Accumulate points and win rewards.
  • Scroll through the NewsFeed for all your nightlife needs.

Where can I use it?

Right now BottleBond is only available in Montreal. More cities are coming up soon.

Why should I use it?

  • Convenience: Plan ahead; book and prepay for your bottle service directly on the app  by splitting the bill with your group of friends  in a few taps.
  • Rewards: Get rewarded for going out; discounts, special treatment and many more perks for being part of the BottleBond community.
  • Trust: Transparent billing is always a priority, which is why the price you see is the price you pay. BottleBond charges NO FEES to its users. Additionally, accumulates awards without having to pay a premium.

What’s included with my BottleBond reservation?

Additional perks change from venue to venue, but all bottle service packages include:

  • The bottles your ordered
  • Standard mixers (juices and soft drinks)
  • Express entry into the club instead of the regular guestlist line up
  • Waived cover charge
  • Private space for you and your group
  • Private service from a personal waitress
  • BottleBond’s 24/7 support service

I booked a bottle service, do I still have to pay cover?

Cover charge is already included in the bottle service package for all the members of the group that you selected.

How can I split the bill?

BottleBond allows you to split the bill in an easy and convenient way. Just select everyone’s budget and select your bottles. You are not forced to divide the bill equally, you can divide it as you want and each members will have to accept their budget for the night out. Members of your group can go out for free as guests.

Am I guaranteed a table when I send a reservation request?

Once you send your reservation request, the venue either accepts or refuses it. If the venue accepts the reservation, your table is guaranteed.

What are some reasons that my reservation request could be refused by the venue?

Venues refusing reservations does not happen often, but some of the major reasons for the  venue to refuse your reservation are:

  • Venue is sold out
  • Your reservation did not reach the minimum spending requirements for the service
  • The venue has a minimum age policy that your group did not meet
  • Your credit card is flagged as fraudulent

What does Prepay in advance mean?

BottleBond allows you to invite your friends and split the bill for a bottle service reservation. Once all members accept the invitation, the money is processed at 10pm the night of the event. Your service will be ready when you arrive at the venue. Everything is prepaid, you will not have to worry about collecting the money and paying at the venue, you can finally  enjoy your night out without any hassles.  

Once I book a reservation, when will my card be charged?

Each member’s card will be pre-authorized on the amount they selected at 12pm the day of the event. At 10pm the night of the event all the cards will be charged and the money is directly transferred to the venue.

What time should I arrive at the venue?

You should get to the venue a few minutes before the arrival time you selected in your reservation.

Can my guests show up later than the arrival time?

Yes, only one person needs to get there at arrival time to keep the reservation. All the members are on the list.

Am i guaranteed entry if we book through BottleBond?

No. Venues have complete discretion for entry. Info about the venue’s dress code and conduct guidelines can be found on the venue’s description.

What are some reasons that I could be denied entry to a venue ?

A venue can deny anybody entry from their private building, but some major reasons are:

  • Arriving overly-intoxicated
  • Being aggressive or rowdy
  • Breaking dress code
  • Being underage
  • Invalid forms of ID
  • Failing to comply with other establishment policies (which vary from venue to venue.)

Do prices change?

Bottle prices are fixed most of the time, but venues may change their prices for specific events such as Halloween, New years eve etc. Venues update their prices directly on the app for these specific events.